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going postal

Vetinari- ginger!?!?!?!
Gurning instead of acting
Doctor Who style monster suit golum

A few things

I have been offered an interview for my dream job on Monday morning. Suddenly I have to do all the things I said I did on my application form! This needs to be done while working every day except Friday, including Sunday night till midnight. Small matter of having no interview clothing either.

On Monday I had my short sight corrected by laser eye surgery. I am still amazed that I can see things without any help from glasses/lenses. My old prescription was -6 in both eyes and I now have 20:20. Given the level of crapness of my eyes the best I was hoping for was driving without specs so this is a very pleasant surprise. As soon as I can stop wearing the eye guards when I sleep (2 weeks post-op) and start wearing eye make-up life'll be practically eye-perfect.

This is the other thing about the interview- I will have to go to it wearing no eye make-up. Which probably won't sound like much to blokes but it's a huge confidence thing.

Still on A&E so very little life currently, just 2 months to go...

As people are on the subject

I'm not dead either. No time to post, maybe will have more time on my new job where I'll be working 3 in 4 weekends with random times off and no-one to spend it with.

My job sucks
Never insert anything into a bodily orifice that you would not want 15 people to watch removed.

1 consultant
1 Registrar (who had already failed to remove said item)
2 Urology house officers (of which I was one)
2 student nurses
3 scrub nurses
1 midwife (no idea!)
1 anaesthetics Reg
1 anaesthetics SHO
2 anaesthetics nurses

If it had been any other op most of these people would have gone for a cup of tea but, because it was amusing, anyone with a quasi-plausible reason for being there was present.

I made this!

It only took me 7 months, on and off.

Even my brain has gone geeky

Had a mildly erotic dream about Arnold Rimmer last night.  During the dream some badinage was had about  "hard light".

So, not only am I dreaming rudeness about a member of the Red Dwarf crew but I'm sealing my geekness with Start Trek lingo.

Perhaps it would be less cruel to shoot me now.

The Telegraph has beaten you guys to it

Books people claim to have read but actually haven't.

1. 1984, by George Orwell42% - Actually have read it.  Didn't like it much

2. War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy31%

3. Ulysses, by James Joyce25%

4. The Bible24%

5. Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert16% - gave up on it.  Self-destruction isn't fun to watch

6. A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking15%

7. Midnight's Children, by Salman Rushdie14%

8. In Remembrance of Things Past, by Marcel Proust 9%

9. Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama6%

10. The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins6%

I think I have a reading list to plough through.  Maybe not on holiday though...

Trying to find books for my holiday

  • Remember a book I previously liked but can't remember the author
  • Remember author was also in tv comedy show
  • Ask colleagues the name of the comedy show with the catch phrase "a local town for local people".  They can't
  • Establish it's not Little Britain
  • Google "a local town for local people".  Nothing helpful
  • Google "comedy a local town for local people.  Bingo- League of Gentlemen
  • Onto official website.  Ascertain writer's name- Mark Gatiss.
  • Hurrah!  To Amazon.co.uk to purchase The Devil In Amber with all speed.

Any other recommendations for a book to take for a week on a beach, gratefully received.

Hurrah and crap

Bush is no longer president and Obama is.  Yay!

Some mother-ducker broke into our garage last night and trawled through the stuff that I haven't got round to sorting yet.  All my stuff was strewn around the floor including a bra I'd forgotten about and shoes and stuff.  Pretty icky.  And it's dark now so I can't even check if anything's been stolen.

Hi all

Just did a catch-up on the old Livejournal.  Glad things going well for all.  Looks like two-thousand and fine is living up to its name.

Still working in care-of-the-dying, which isn't very busy but pretty mentally and emotionally taxing.  My consultant has been pretty flattering about my work and I'm getting down with prescribing terrifyingly high doses of morphine so that's good.

We've bought  a laptop so now I can put music onto my Christmas-present MP3 player (which is not compatible with my old computer, whoops!).

As an aside- it's been bloody freezing for the last fortnight so today when I walked outside it was so mild I actually stopped in my tracks.  Spring here we come!